Friday, August 17, 2012


Here's another installment from the Ghibli series I did (Sway's here), this one's from that one movie where everything's A No-Kay.  The final version was on poster board, about a quarter of an A3 sheet and just black and white, but I thought I'd throw on some thematic colors for the digital version here.  What did the "final" look like? Why, like this, you silly goose:

This one was hecka relaxing to ink, all the leaves and moss and stuff. But it sure took a while...!  Fun facts: Yale-drop-out Claire Danes did the English voice for this character.  Isn't that neat?  Don't answer that, you party-pooping jerk.

Here are the lines, which I debuted on youtube, actually, hence the more prominent url.  Although I'm not really into movies, this is one of my favorite "escapism" sort of movies, where you turn it on late at night as you're rebelling against sleep, and then you get taken to a nonsensical world that you couldn't even decipher at full alert.  Maybe you succumb to sleep before the credits roll, maybe you make it to the end.  But either way, you've escaped the real world for a bit and feel oddly inspired to match the movie's beauty in your work and make dang sure to surpass its confusion.

This was our sketch, measuring about four thumbs-end-to-end long by two or three thumbs tall.  I forgot my sheet of sketches at the office the weekend I drew these, so I was going off of memory from the sketches.  Got pretty close, though.  I sketched this off the top of my head, so the forest here was just off of memory, not entirely sure what the in-movie forest looked like, of course did my research for the final.

The jKids and jCrew liked this one.  Gonna be a hoot to show the elemKids this, bet they'll like the kodama


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