Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Dis is da finale, kid, as Lt. Soij famously said. This is last of our Ghibli set Episode Sway's here, A-NoKay's yore, and the Kikz chronicles koko desu. This one's is based on one of the very first anime I ever saw.

It was so confusing...but at my young age, I couldn't put my finger on why it was so different than anything I'd seen before. It was like they were in some world that was like ours (being that the US is/was the world to me back then) but not quite--Why were they boiling themselves?

I don't want to suggest Totoro is hacky at this point, but he was far and away the easiest one for people to guess, but jPoppers really liked it! Particularly since Totoro is so iconic I tried to mask him with the composition, which seemed to add to their joy when they invariably detected him.

In the sketch he was a bit more feline. I didn't want to just redraw the same old Totes everybody knows, but we lost a bit of that scrappiness in the final.

So it goes.


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