Friday, August 24, 2012


Here's the third of my four and a half part Ghibli series I did (Sway be here and A-Nokay's 'ere.). Today's quarter-A3 poster's from that one with the girl with the ridiculously cool name. You know the one.

I knew a girl in college who went by "Kiki," but I could never bring myself to collar by anything thinner real name, which was also crazily cool (I feel weird calling people by nicknames unless they explicitly invite me to call them by that name). Anyway, something neat, they say she's the granddaughter of a certain famous whom I always confuse with the original singer of this song.

These are the pencils. You'll notice these are quite different from our sketch. That's because I had forgotten my sketched-on envelope at school, so I had to go offa memory, particularly on this freshest sketch. And since I felt more moved by the early stages of these pencils and time was ticking on the deadline, I just went with this take. I ended up really liking the expression here, but I do miss the mini-stories present in the sketch.

This is the sketch in question. It wasn't even drawn with the original four--it was drawn off on in the distance on the long envelope, away from the cluster of OGs since the original Beatle slotted for this space got cut. I didn't even show this sketch to my AD, I just went with the green-lit pitch from our initial meeting "How about Kiki?," churned this out, and it ended up being one of my favorites. So I guess everything turned out well.

Just one Ghib remains to jab. What could it be????



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