Friday, February 1, 2013


This is a little activity I made for the jKids. I drew six pics of a story from their textbook on the back of a giant envelope, cut them up and then shuffled. The jKids then read their text's story and then we checked for any questions they had. Then after that we ran through the story one last time.

After that we split the class in two (it's a small class of less than 10) and then each team got a shot to use their understanding to put the randomized images in order. I used a stopwatch to turn it into a competition and it went pretty well!

They used this activity in another class the next day and though I couldn't be there since it was one of my away-days at another school, I heard it went riotously well. I'm always so thrilled to hear that they actually are having fun with English because of my art. I know English is ridiculous and I would never want to have to learn it myself, so I'm happy I can at least ease their pain a little.

Today's images are also out of order, but I'm sure it's easy enough to organize them, yeah?



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