Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Today's card: Pizza

Fun Facts: I've had pizza at the pizza place down the street every Sunday night since roughly October of 2011, if I recall correctly. Only missed a couple days: New Years '12 because the principal invited me to their family dinner (New Years' is a big deal in Japan) and one other date when I had to travel and couldn't be back in time. Why Sunday night? Because I figure Saturday night's gotta be busy, and I don't want to bump into anyone while I eat, and so far Sunday night is pretty much ghost-town night, so I called it correctly. Maybe three times has there ever been anyone else there at the same time, one of which was just someone ordering to go. One time, though, was a great example of why you want to avoid people--most places in Japan are smoke-accessible, so while I was eating there was a dude with his girlfriend smoking up the tiny, tiny little joint. Puts a damper on the pizzaing experience.


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