Monday, February 11, 2013


Today's card: Manga.

Fun Facts: I don't actually read a lot of comics, nor have I really ever. The only comics I really read were the Electric Tale of Pikachu and One Piece volumes--the first OP which I remember reading was before my first Academic Team match, in the parking lot. I had resisted reading OP because of the picture they used everywhere to promote it--they picked the worst, least appealing pic of Luffy I've ever seen, so I was quite repulsed by the series, but I finally picked it up for some reason...and I've reread that first volume so many times, studied its structure, took it with me to college, consulted it, everything.

Anyway, since coming to Japan, manga is so cheap here, you're losing money not buying comics here, plus you can practice your jReading skillz. And you can always study the art. So it's great.


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