Wednesday, April 30, 2008


These are sketches drawn amidst the jumping, bumping, chaotic crowd before the stage at this year's Spring Fling! Me and my sketchpad got crunched, shoved, and crinkled but it was all part of the experiment/experience and I had a blast trying to sketch within the madness. The guerrilla sketchwork has been maintained as much as possible and only traced over for better visibility.

The bulk of the page, featuring: Benji grooving, the Roots guitarist rocking, "Berto" gazing, Kelsey dancing, and the Battle of the Bands winner-lady strumming (Skulls from GBAB).

Jimmy Eat World won Spring Fling! These sketches were particularly hard because that's when the moshing and the darkness started.

Jimmy's spectacular smoke/light show plus his fellow vocalist/guitarist. Some (drugged?) guy kept collapsing, but I tried to get him to lean on me while I leaned on him so he wouldn't fall and I could have a steady support while drawing.

Whoever hired Sean Kingston should be fired. Whoever hired the Roots should be lauded.

It's proof that rap can win over a rock fan, as long as it's rap worth listening to! Kingston could have been lip-syncing or just playing his CD for us and it would be a similarly dull, boring experience.

But the Roots put on a show, though. Really great! I feel much better for having experienced that act.

This guitarist from the Roots was incredible. The band itself was completely entertaining. But let's not risk any more rap; hopefully next year is rock heavy.

A (drunk?) girl asked me to sketch her and boyfriend, but he subtly declined. I think he was embarrassed, so I just drew a happy face.


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