Monday, April 14, 2008


The MO of this is unrelated to the story, but just breaks up the text.

So here's some of the big news for me.

IvyGate mentions me (sort of).
I knew the April Fools special was well received, but visitors from 7/8 Ivies? (Sadly, no Columbia) . Well, IvyGate started a comics review segment and after the article and comments finished bashing the uninspired featured comics, some people were kind enough to declare the Herald as Yale's true comics at the bottom of the comments section. Beyond that, someone cited me specifically for great work.

I was writing a paper at around 2am in an open common room and I chanced across the article. I broke out screaming and clapping and laughing like an idiot. I kept shaking my head and reassuring myself I didn't misread. It was like reading my first acceptance letter--I felt validated after all the toil and frankly miserable build-up.

This has been the most difficult year of my life and my comics reflect that. I was actually considering quitting the series after being so unhappy with the then current week's comic. But I was re-energized by those supporters and I hope that fervor came across this week.

Anyway, I feel incredibly honored someone would go to bat for me; nobody does that. Thanks again certainly to that guy, but also to all the H>YDNers. This is why I do what I do. I am here to make Yale comics worth reading, redeeming us from what the YDN currently misrepresents. I want Yale comics on the map. I want to embarrass every other publication for not trying.

I can't think of any other way to put it. The Herald is proof undergraduate comics can rock, and it's time people knew this. I'm trying to get the Herald to publish our comics online, and I think they may. If IvyGate catches us, Yale will be the comics capital of the Ivy League. Easy.

In a related story, I was writing another paper in the senior study room. In what must have been hour 15, someone passed by, returned, and poked in through the door to tell me he likes my "cartoons." We'd never seen each other before, so it was incredibly flattering that he would come up to me like that.

In addition, The Purple Crayon used my art in their ad campaign, which was also an incredible honor because those guys, Benji especially, are insanely talented (WildNOut!). I cannot understand how they don't charge, yet the Viola Question and Ex!t Players do. I could see Ex!t maybe charging, but the VQ? The Crayon owns Yale improv, and I am glad to help them out.

I've been posting art for a year now and I think I'm finally finding a place. I am happy when my art makes others happy. So I am happy right now.


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