Friday, April 25, 2008


Last find: Kelly tries to talk to Joe but discovers he’s taken.
Now Find 12!

Well, it's the last Herald of the semester. But is it the end of the series? . . . Yes.

I have some great ideas for the next semester that I want to explore. Besides, it'd be a hassle losing an entire week to recapping.

So the next story prospects are:
1) BLR, likely my independent summer comic
2) An action-adventure featuring joyriding con artists
3) A Sci-Fi thriller about humans and their human-like robots
4) An urban Gothic tale about modern vampires
5) An adventure of classic characters with a twist

Easter Eggs: [Edgar Allen] Poe, infinite sophomore slump?, plant monster, Find 12 in frames, burrito.

Fun Facts: This was supposed to be a cliffhanger ending for next semester to pick up, but I came up with this more final ending that is still vague enough for imaginary futures. After inking, it accidentally ended with someone winking, an even better ending.

Thanks To: Eiichiro Oda, Toshihiro Ono, Rufftoon, Laura, Leena, HSAR462: Shops and Shopping, You've Got Mail, isolation, rock.

And thanks to you for checking out the comic, it's meant a lot to me. This year has been quite miserable so it was nice to have an escape device.

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