Friday, April 18, 2008


Last find: Kelly successfully delivered the Guffinium but only earned enough for a milkshake after Gilda's trumped up fees and fines.
Now find 11!

I apologize. In an ironic twist, my endeavor to bring more professional comics to Yale fell victim to my actually bringing professional comics to Yale. I'm the hired cartoonist for the Rudd Center and I lost about three hours of Heralding time to researching my next Rudd cartoon. This explains the crude inking, blank backgrounds, and oversights in what is inked. This one could have been great but I ran out of time. I'll revisit this comic as soon as possible to at least salvage it online.

Easter Eggs: One Piece, BLR, Find 11 in the bushes.

Fun Facts: This had to be the comic that comes out for Bulldog Days...*facepalm* Maybe they won't realize it's incomplete, maybe it's some kind of sophisticated stylistic choice. At least the general joke comes around.

So next week is the semester finale. Will it be the series finale? I don't know. I've got the second and final "spree," or season, generally planned out, but I don't know if I want to stick with Darling Find, debut BLR, try something completely new, or what.

I wish I knew what to do. This summer might help me figure it out. Also:
Doo yoo right wel?
If so, I'm looking for someone to write, co-write, or adapt an original short story into a comic book over the summer. Trust me, it'll look better than this week's comic. I want to create a "graphic novel" with quality as high as possible for undergrads, but I need a killer story first. If you or anyone you know wants to team up, please email my Yale address.

Thanks for tuning in online and in print,


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