Friday, April 11, 2008


Last find: Kelly finally navigated her way to Dupin's to deliver the Guffinium to its rich, powerful shopkeep.
Now find 10!

Ten and still introducing characters. I'm so inexperienced.

Details on some personal, GREAT NEWS! during next week's posts (cuz who else am I going to tell?).

1. Ivygate (kinda) mentions me and the team via article comments!
2. I'm finally going to JAPAN!
3. The Purple Crayon uses my Benji sketch in their latest show ad!

Easter Eggs: Tri-force, Maltese Falcon, GS Ball, Mexico, Deadboy.

Fun Facts: This comic cured my desire to quit the series after last week's funk. For fun, I tweaked Kelly's design a bit; more on redesigns later.

note to self: Back on Fridays, jack kelly offers "ydn" and "anorexia." Yeah.

This one was dedicated to the H>YDNers who supported/validated us all at IvyGate. I back this one for the most part--my goal is to make the Herald Yale's bastion for quality comics and the envy of the Ivy League, even the nation. It is also a challenge to the YDN to, in jack's words, "freaking step it up." Oddly enough, today the YDN wrote on Garry Trudeau's ugly yet funny undergrad comics!

This one was not published and I didn't fight for it, either. I know it's controversial, but the Herald has permitted commentary on other disfunctions (depression, violation, racism) why not anorexia? I understand they want to be especially sensitive because the relevant story is being published this week, and I myself am a little disturbed by the comic's darkness, but this satire is worth making because the issue is that important and fixable.

"You can take [readers] to dark places so long as you make it bearable."
--Garry Trudeau

Thanks again for the support,



Anonymous said...

Man, I'm 25, and i've been anorexic for 10yrs ( im alot better now than i was) and I find that cartoon funny..... If you can't look at the funny side of things, you'd just be continually depressed.... :-) keep on drawing!!!!! x sarah, Wales, uk

Reuxben said...

Thank you very much for the kind words,