Wednesday, April 9, 2008


At long last, it's this year's final contribution to the Yale Record, for the Love Issue. I eagerly await the new administration to kick in next semester.

This piece will accompany an article I pitched about Narcissus experiencing a lovers' spat with himself. Further delightful is that one of the few funnymen on staff wrote it. The original draft was really funny, but the editing process watered the gem down to grainy sand. In any case, the article's relatively worth your time.

As for the art, drawing reflections is a nightmare for me because I'm not good at replicating specifics, and here I have to do it thrice. I just rely on the hair and eyebrows to indicate this is the same person.

Easter Eggs: The Old Owl, the Record's lonely, rejected mascot soars majestically in the sky's reflection. Ambrosia-coke for the win.

Fun Facts: This composition mimics a real painting of Narcissus I googled.

And of course, the usual warning about wasting your life reading the Record is in effect! So check out the art then hit those recycle bins hard.


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