Friday, May 16, 2008


This is like an inside joke:

Near the middle of Freshman Year, a Spanish classmate requested a Final Fantasy drawing. I asked for an alternate since I had limited time due to FOUR classes and being involved with the Record AND Quizbowl (one busy Freshman). The chronic self-loathing hadn’t set in at that point.

She’s also a Harry Potter fan, so we agreed on this drawing. She gave a seemingly throwaway “Thanks!” and to this day I don’t known if she actually liked the drawing. I look back on the drawing and cringe a little, but back then it was pretty good.

So Freshman Year, whenever we’d bump into each other, she’d give a passing nod or reluctant, cramped smile. But this year it became complete stranger status, even when facing head on.

While we’re by no means friends, we’re certainly not strangers: we discussed the piece thoroughly, I handed her sketches to approve, we talked about FF, Potter, etc. It’s not like we'd never spoken. So while I'm accustomed to being ignored and cast out, especially this past year, I really don’t buy this denial.

The other day she headed toward the BK dining hall with luggage and I didn’t hold the door because I thought she was off to her room. Who brings luggage to lunch?

She does. So I felt horrible for not holding the door. I thought about apologizing in person, but I can’t speak to people. Maybe email? Better yet would be a throwback to that year-old drawing. Plus I could redeem myself through how much I’ve improved.

At best an ice breaker, at worst an ignored email that would just perpetuate what we already practice.

Well there you go.



Anonymous said...

power of speech >> power of email


Reuxben said...

Perhaps someday for me.

But in any case, thank you.