Friday, January 2, 2009


Page Four

And now the penultimate post featuring Pangolin Falls, my literature final.

Easter Eggs: 2501 (one of my favorite phrases I picked up in Japan), Dan of "Be Square" fame.

Fun Facts: This room is based on my collaborator's suite; one of this project's highlights was hanging out in Davenport all day/night/day, including an acting session for Lynn's door-opening sequence in the D'Port DMAC.

I got worried when the first few panels just wouldn't come out well, but the clock was ticking.

Page Five

Visualizing difficult poses got easier with a partner to help out, rather than my photographing myself or staring at myself in a mirror.

Easter Eggs: JE desk, DC nook.

Fun Facts: I'd hit my 24th hour at this point, so it became harder to keep Lynn on model. Shoulda dug into my Monster supply earlier...


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