Monday, January 5, 2009


Page Six

This is the finale for my Lit. 'nar final, a comic called Pangolin Falls.

Easter Eggs: Pokeball.

Fun Facts: This page was fun to act out. I forgot to draw the action lines in the last panel!

By the time I finished this page, I was so exhausted, and had been drawing for over 24 hours straight, riding two cans of Monster.

But there was just one page left, and there was no getting around it.

Fortunately it was supposed to be ridiculously a victory lap, I guess. I even finished with enough time to do a cover.

Page Seven

We were both wiped out from the marathon work, so no one noticed Lynn's absent final line, where she shouts from her house then is struck by a story idea.

Easter Eggs
: The Kappa made off with loot from the reject mail pile before fleeing in terror.

Fun Facts: I thought it'd be cool if we could both draw, so we decided my collaborator ought not only to letter, but also draw for Lynn. Rock.

Thanks: Zoelle, Professor Bulson, LITR439: Graphic Forms, Yale, Davenport College, Toshihiro Ono, Eiichiro Oda, Humberto Ramos, Bill Watterson, and many more mentioned and unmentioned throughout these Pangolin posts.

So that's Pangolin Falls. Finally back at Yale Wednesday!


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