Monday, February 9, 2009


The economy's bad, Commons never has any clean cutlery, and I have two papers due this week--time for a Sick Little Suicide. This fourth one's about minors and the women who love them.

Easter Eggs: Lou Grant, "Yale," and "FOB."

Fun Facts: It's a minor miner symbolizing a minor, get it? I'm so funny!

So...I personally hate it when people say XYZ was "so good." You go to Yale, can you seriously not come up with a better description? At least dress it up: that was "so incredible." Something. And stop saying "um" like it's an actual word--I'm talking to you, editors of any Yale publication ever. Ummm....I also hate the 70s, but dang, Mary Tyler Moore was an incredible show, from the few episodes I've seen.

Ok, well, if you have an issue you'd like me to suicide, do feel free to gmail "reuxbenart" or something.


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