Friday, February 6, 2009


Last Crash: Smalltown girl Bee Farnam's mugger gets trounced by a country sprite.

Yeah. (Oh yeah) Ultra Peepi...

Monsta Crash #4: LittlePeepi
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Easter Eggs: Crash 4 n panel 3. Jetta. "Yale" and Emo182 in the last panel.

Fun Facts: I don't know anything about cars, but I do enjoy driving the Jetta. Also, I don't want to say he lied, but as I cowered in a corner at one of the new admit receptions in my last pre-college summer, my Yale interviewer said not to worry, that everyone meets their kindred spirit at Yale...

And back in black (and yellow) the devious jack kelly returns, promising a double shot every time he's up this semester...ugh.

First up is "jolly good."

I'm telling you, he has something against British people...what a jerk.

He also spews forth more bigotry in "benny lava."

I'd love to see you pee on him tonight.

In other news, I'm again applying for a scholarship, entering these five quite diverse picks (never really realized how many hats I wear):


I hope something comes of this.


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