Monday, February 23, 2009


This past weekend was actually pretty exciting. I had planned on staying in and contemplating where my life went wrong. But there were a whole four things to get to: the Ex!t Players' show, the Crayon's show, the Miron concert, and then the 90s music event.

First, I'm no Ex!t fan. They seem to think they're the best improv at Yale, and maybe they are since Benji graduated, but come on, charging $2? Benji alone made Crayon shows worth charging, yet they were always free for some reason. So I went to the Ex!t show (see a player at left) just to make sure, and yeah, their only memorable event is still just "Jeopardy!"

And while I still crack up over tons of old Crayon sketches, some years old even, the only Ex!t thing that sticks out is last year Mr. Litt (as Babe the Blue Ox) picking a Jeopardy! category: "I'll take ox that are not blue, for how I pity them."

So after Friday's Ex!t show, I went to the Crayon's Saturday show, which they voiced in complete darkness.

Extra cool that they picked my suggestion, "Pokemon," for their theme, and I got a sad dose of joy in correcting their errors under my breath.

...Machop evolve into Machoke, not Machamp...

I saw Benji at an Ex!t show last year and since have always wondered what goes through his head when he watches others improv, especially Ex!t.

Anyway, after that, I blitzed over to TD in time to catch Richard Miron (at right, during the Ex!t show) and Oliver Hill play an incredible set. It was actually emotionally moving stuff, but the audience was a bunch of drunks who wouldn't shut up.

If you're at a concert, you should be there to listen to the music; if you're going to talk, just get out--the door was like five steps away.

But these guys were definitely the best.

The TD venue had some weird chairs. Including a giant dodgeball.

The second band was pretty good, but I could have done without the Christopher Reeve joke. well as the aimless between-song chatter student bands are contractually obligated to make.

I met the guy at right in Japan and had no idea he was in Rifle! Pretty neat.

I really tried to like the band, but I just couldn't get into it and left early.

They sound-checked a Weezer song, so I may have missed out, but I mean, they just blasted their music, the room was tiny to start with, and my sketches weren't coming out too nice anyway.

At left is an audience member who has got the exact hairstyle I've been trying to capture for some time now.

So on the way back from TD, I stopped by the 90s music dance party.

They'd finished all the good tunes already.

Last year's was ridiculous.

Reminded me of Freshman Year.


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