Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's not biting the hand that feeds you if you eat at Commons.

Zero Like Me #14: Colleges
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Easter Eggs: A carving between the lovely Hallers in panel 1. "Yale" in panel 4. Zero Ethos. Farnam B.
Fun Facts: This is a revamp of the very first Zero Like Me I ever drew, part of last September's YDN audition. Also, in one of my very first classes at Yale (taught by who would later become Morse's Dean), we studied ethos.

I like that the only way for a Morsel to take offense to this comic is to admit that Morse does suck. If taken as a compliment, well...alrighty then. I'd just love to see the looks on kids' faces when they get their Yale acceptance letter juxtaposed with their expressions when they learn they're in Morse or Stiles! JE sucks, but it could be a lot worse: I could live in a dirt clod at Yale's outskirts.

So from last week, while I'm flattered and humbled you like what I do, please understand: I don't draw for JE's sake, I do it for mine (aside--we both ignore Xs: you from my name, me from JE's motto). It hurts that you'd implicitly claim my artwork as a point for JE. I only jokingly submit things to JE anymore to avoid emotional investment, but nothing I do is for JE. I sincerely wish it wasn't so, but I feel disowned by JE, so in general I don't have any pride for, personal investment in, or giri to the college.

...Unless I get arrested or something, in which case, it's all for JE's credit--brag away!


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Anonymous said...

hey reux.

a few things.

first, I'm the person who posted that comment on the YDN website.

second, I've read your blog pretty much all the way through so I know your feelings about JE.

third, I hope that you understand that I meant no offense by claiming you as a member of JE.

fourth, I'm not sure about the significance of the x in your name, so I'm sorry if you preferred to be known with it rather than without it.

That aside, I just want to impress on you the fact that your work is respected and well-liked within the JE community. You are hard to approach in person - you recognize that as well as anyone - but this doesn't mean JE has disowned you or feels anything but pride at your accomplishments.

See, the world is a funny place and things aren't always what they seem. The people who sit at the center of "JE life" may well be simply the loudest, not the most talented or most likely to succeed. That's life.

On the other hand, it's well acknowledged inside JE and out that you produce the best work to appear in any Yale publication (who reads other YDN comics anyways?). I'm not just saying this - I've been a part of discussions in which this subject has arisen - there's no question your talents far outshine your peers.

So, you can reject JE as a lackluster residential college, but JE wants you to succeed. I claimed you as a JE spider on the YDN site not due to you affection for JE, but for JE's affection for you. Even if you don't realize it, we are all rooting for you - both now and throughout life.

JE Sux, Lux et veritas, etc.