Monday, February 2, 2009


So a while ago, Mike Birbiglia came to perform for us and no one was looking forward to him except for me. Imagine everyone's surprise when I was right, they were wrong, and Mr. Birbiglia was a hit.

So a while ago, Dat Phan came to perform for us and everyone was looking forward to him except for me. Imagine everyone's surprise when I was right, they were wrong, and dat sham was a poop.

But I'm so freaking optimistic, I'm not here to tear down. I'm here to show you the sketches I did during this suicidal "comedy" show. Note, Corey Kahaney was actually pretty alright; great improvising when the mics kept messing up (for her, the mic kept turning off; for him, the mic kept turning on).

The above is the sham himself. At left is a girl wearing a jacket from Spanish last semester, which I've admired so much, it subconsciously snuck into one of my comics. The next pic is a girl ready to scrap.

I went to the show solo (all my friends were busy) but when the guy two spots to my right tried to cellularly coordinate his party, he was gripped with worry when he thought he'd unwittingly promised the seat between us to his phone pal, because it suddenly occurred to him that I might have saved it for someone. He got all apologetic and was ready at a word to call up his friend and tell him to beat it.

For a few solid minutes of "are you sure you're not saving this seat?" I let him keep on thinking that I had indeed reserved the seat but was simply too uncomfortable about confrontation to speak up about evicting his en-route friend.

It was he-haw-larious seeing the guy literally begging to dismiss his friend. Yeah, that's how I get my kicks at this point. To be fair, this guy's flaunting all his friends in front of me (literally like half the row was his!) I mean come on. Screw 'em if they can't take a joke.

But I also get my kicks drawing to entertain, so I drew for the very guy who "stole" my saved seat. The way it works is I draw stuff, nearby people notice, and we both have a (usually silent) good time as the guest tries to (usually covertly) peek at my paper, like I won't notice; it's my job to notice stuff, so it's fun all around. It's lovely when it works, sucka. But then I always wonder who the real sucka is, yo.

Also, I met this guy after the show, and of all people, he was in league with the gentleman I was messing with earlier--haha!--but he was quite nice, and I was quite nervous.

To close, here is another retrato I've been working on.

I'm eager to finish it soon.


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