Monday, April 7, 2008


Excellent news: that eyesore jack kelly will never darken Mondays again--jack kelly mondays are canceled!

Although I don't want him polluting my comic's posts, I must respect our mutual hatred of blurred Herald printing. So to make it easier for Friday audiences to understand his trash as soon as possible and be done with it, he'll be rejoining me on Fridays.

So enjoy "nigel," his hypocritical, anti-British racism incarnate.

He also surprised us with an extra dose called "piggy," a dated reference to a song nobody remembers. Great.

To take the high road, I'm also including his contributions to the Herald Comics' April Fools Stunt, where he leeched off of the incredible Jinjin for humor.

Above is "hunter" and below is "headshot." Riotous.

To normalcy,


[Update! Yesterday was my one year anniversary! A whole year posting art, and I think I'm finally getting somewhere. More on this later. Thanks for the support. --Reuxben]

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