Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is a retrospective on my second art-posting year.

So here is a listing of my favorite pieces of the academic year, listed by category, accompanied with photos from this year's studio, or "dorm," as it were.

And here we go...

Sketches Favorite: HarvardGirl

Moleskine Favorite: Hiroyuki

Fan Art Favorite: MomoAGoGo

Rock Favorite: SpaceBattle

Retrato Favorite: TheThoseGuys

Fun Favorite: BigKappa

Color Favorite: DanesCooks

Unpublished Overall Favorite: TheThoseGuys

Record Favorite: Death

Quarters Crisis Favorite: Acolyte

Penny Dreadful Favorite: West

note to self Favorite: concentration

Monsta Crash Favorite: PocketMonsta

Misc. Work Favorite: Bulldog

Sick Little Suicide Favorite: Kuro

Zero Like Me Favorite: MinorityReport

Published Overall Favorite: Kuro

Favorite Comment: Comment #1

Favorite Post: TheThoseGuys

...and that'll do it for this year's 100th post. In one week I'll finally be back home at Yale!

Woah, woah, are you out there?


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