Friday, May 1, 2009


The semester finale of the Penny Dreadful is out now, and I'm on cover duty.

I illustrated this serial's premiere, with a jackalope versus a cowboy. And now the cowboy is somehow in the Civil War...?

Easter Eggs: Second gun behind shoulder.

Fun Facts: The only thing I guessed on was the shoes; even the sergeant patch is accurate.

Baa: I haven't read any publication in a while beyond researching the story I'm illustrating...there's no time! Also, big Monster dump this Saturday night, outside the JE dining hall. Take one if you need to not sleep!

Here're the pencils, by the way.

In a bit of stinging irony, while I attended Ex!t's senior show, I missed the Purple Crayon's senior show! Unbelievable.

I had two Spanish papers to write, which proves my belief that Spanish work only exists to keep me from doing what I'd actually rather be doing.

I really wanted to see the Crayon one last time. Dangit.

The piece started like this, with the double guns more evident.

I did a 9 page(!) comic for my science fiction final project, which'll go up throughout next week.

I also did a comic for my graphic novels final last semester, called "Pangolin Falls."


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