Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Had no idea I was flying out today!! Gotta rush to make it out in time! While I'm flying, here is the final (incomplete!) installment of my Harry Potter series. More words when I'm in California. I miss you already, Yale.

[UPDATE: Landed completely exhausted from frantically packing, but I absolutely cannot wait to return to Yale!

Anyway the story behind this piece goes like this: I'm not a Potter fan, but Freshman Year, someone asked me to draw a Potter piece. She didn't seem truly happy with the piece, so the next year, I surprised her with another try. This is my third and final effort, but I didn't even get to finish it because I had to pack and do all that end of the year business.]


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The College Blog Network said...

Did you graduate or are you just out for summer? Cali... nice!