Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A month late, but Happy Birthday to Removal.

I started this thing two whole years ago, as a way to let people get to know me through my artwork; if you've ever wondered what I'm like, I've now got two years and a month's worth of artwork in reply plus an email.

So much has changed since Freshman Year...mainly the dreadful fact that I'm no longer a freshman. Probably the most depressing thing you'll learn at Yale. And drawing at Yale is a lonely business anyway because you're either artworking, schoolworking, or sleeping so you can have the energy to get back to work. But having people visit makes it worth it, so thank you for stopping by.

But today is another important day: I'm now done with the school year so as per tradition, I watch The Iron Giant after finishing each semester. So I drew Hogarth staring up at the Giant.

This semester's classes were 4/5 dictated to me by my major, so it wasn't very fun or interesting and we went out with a whimper, but it's been a blast drawing for you. I also sorta solved a mystery today.

But after The Iron Giant, I went to the year's final Quizbowl practice where I got to say goodbye to one of the best people I've met at Yale. It really sucks seeing each generation killed off as they graduate. And 2010's next on this horrible little chopping block. I can't believe that's it. No more people to look up to.

Generally speaking, that is,


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