Friday, May 22, 2009


These are some development sketches for the previous Herald series, Monsta Crash. The title came from when I was in Japan and playing with how they pronounce English words: I thought "Monster Crush" would probably sound close to "Monsta Crash." The original story was of two girls using monstas to mess with a guy, so it was like they had monster crushes on him, and he'd also get abused and crushed by them in the process.

So these were the Peepi sketches. I wanted a drastic exaggeration of of my "style," so I went with an extreme take on how I draw heads for comics, after trying more animal-like designs.

I thought the final design was a little plain, so I almost switched to this more decorated design, inspired by Sushi Pack, but I switched back at the last minute.

I noticed this drawing in my sketchbook, and I realized it was actually a subliminal precursor to Bee's urban design.

The sketch apparently influenced my designs, but I wasn't consciously designing the character at this point yet, just free-drawing, based on these zippered jacket sleeves I saw once, so it was pretty neat seeing this drawing after I wrapped the series.

This was my first official design for Bee, though, starting with hair based on the girl from Cobra Starship, as she had appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently.

I don't normally watch or listen to those two things, but I guess Conan and Craig Ferguson were reruns or something.

I knew I wanted a military sort of jacket after seeing a girl in Bass Library sporting one.

This was her final city design. It was based on a mix of fashion sources: catalogs from Tilly's and some online stores.

Fashion is actually pretty fun and interesting when it isn't forced, and researching clothes is actually fun, too, which is also why female characters are more fun to draw. The thing about fashion is, males just don't have a lot to do; everything kinda looks the same.

Anyway, this was the rural Bee design, based on Little League jerseys and other non-fancy clothes, as she wouldn't be concerned with keeping neat in the country.

The first episode was written but not drawn since it was more for me, not necessarily for the final cut. It featured Bee's brother talking her into going to the city in his stead since he realized she needed it more.

Baa: I'm going to see Bill Burr tomorrow! Yes!


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