Monday, May 11, 2009


Page Two

This is the more from my assignment to draw a sciencey comic for CHEM100.

I realized I wouldn't have enough time to include the true second page, which was just character-building, so I cut it.

Fun Facts: I drew this page during Spring Fling. I didn't get to fully enjoy the event like last year, where I drew amidst the mosh pits until it was too dark to draw, but rather I drew sitting under a tree, merely listening to the bands.

After a hamburgery dinner, I hit LC to finish, with an ear to the cracked window so I could hear the rest of the show.

Page Three

Even though the line up included Sean Kingston last year, the Roots and Jimmy Eat World definitely made up for it, but this year was way too rap-laden. Girl Talk is basically rap, cuz rap is "party music!1!!," so for every ounce of rock he played, there was a ton of rap. NERD was basically rap, too. Lame.

I guess I didn't get the full experience since I was just listening and couldn't see them suck, but how can you even begin to redeem a song that is literally about nothing but "All the girls standing in line for the bathroom"?

Ok, I'm going to pack now. I never want to leave Yale.


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