Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I doodled some Dark Knight Joker-type eyes during Spanish a couple semesters ago. Speaking of killer comedians, Bill Burr was insanely funny when my brother and I saw him perform at the Hollywood Improv this past Saturday, after a less-than-brutal 1.5 hour drive. My face literally hurt the next day from laughing so hard. He's got an incredible podcast, too. The language is rough, but the stories and comedy are gold, Ponyboy.

This is a study from Variante, the main inspiration for going more battle-ish with Monsta Crash rather than with the first incarnation of the story, featuring two girls using sprites to violently attempt to win a guy over.

I'm flying back to Yale this Saturday night, so I'm pumped. A desk, scanner access, and free time means more drawing!


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