Monday, May 8, 2017


I just wanted to try drawing something on super loose lines, almost jumping to overpaints asap, and this was inspired by the recent French election, where at long last evil lost.

So I just sketched in a super rough skeleton of a drawing and flatted it, then went to coloring and collapsing! the two in short order.

I then dropped some filtery layers over top and generally tried to keep it as straightforward as possible, with allowance for roughness and sketchiness.

I wanted to try drawing a darker skinned person, as I think it's kinda neat when you think about how much we abused and disrespected black people here, meanwhile when they went to fight in the war, they felt welcomed in France.

And now here we are looking to Germany and France, etc. to be the heroes, and we're stuck as some trollish villain for the time being.

But we'll get there. Related, I also wanted this to be a female here because I was also inspired by Sally Yates's utterly heartening, unflinching patriotism in the Senate.

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Friday, May 5, 2017


Just pull the plug, it's Sick Little Suicide #32, "Glow," in which we witness the evil of apathy.

They just passed that orange fraud's new healthcare bill in the House (I'm writing this on 5/4/17), and it's simply abominable, the evil that voting yes means. Among the frankly unreal list of horrible aspects of the bill, one of the most intolerable factors that should have been a deal-breaker to any reasonable human being is how cruelly it determines and handles pre-existing conditions. The most heartless consideration being how this label manages to strangle rationality to include under its hideous reach domestic abuse and personal violations. This spits in the face of no less than half the population, and forces women into the unthinkable situation of having to tolerate and suffer through domestic abuse for fear of reporting this and having their situation taken as a pre-existing condition, which would then preclude coverage.

What nightmare betrayal do you invite upon people in such unthinkably dire circumstances? How evil do you have to be to tolerate any bill that allows for that? Our very partners in existence, our co-pilots in humanity are not worth decency--basic, human decency? What third world country is this?

Anyway, I was inspired to draw this response by Nancy Pelosi's speech denouncing the bill, where she mentions towards the end that even if the bill is defeated in the Senate and people vote yes in the House just to get it into the upper house so they can iron it out, a "yes" vote means you approve of the bill as is, regardless of how it ends up in its final form. "Yes" means you not only condone but affirm what the language of the bill says right now, that the people who stand to suffer and/or die because of this or any successor of this bill are not worth any further consideration or due protection. The extended quote is as follows:
This is one of the best civics lessons we can engage in. Because of what happened following the election, the American people are engaged. They are paying attention. I'm not saying in a political way, I'm saying in a personal way. A former Speaker said, 'All politics is local." In the case of healthcare, all politics is personal. And so, this civics lesson will teach the American people a number of things. As special as we think we are when we come to the floor here, most Americans don't know who their member of congress is. But they will now, when they find out that you voted to take away their healthcare. They will know when you put an age tax on them or undermine Medicare, Medicaid, and the rest. Oh yeah, they're paying attention, because it's really personal with them and their families. So, I think we have to get ready for that.

Our colleagues who have the mantle of being a "moderate," you vote for this bill, you have walked the plank from "moderate" to "radical." And you're walking the plank for what? A bill that will not be accepted by the United States Senate. Why are you doing this? Do you believe in what is in this bill? Some of you have said, 'Well, they'll fix it in the Senate." But you have every provision of this bill tattooed on your forehead. You will glow in the dark on this one. You will glow in the dark. You will glow in the dark. So don't walk the plank, especially unnecessarily. Our responsibility to the sick and the hurt is biblical. It's fundamental to who we are.
-- Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, 5/4/17

Drawing this goon kinda reminded me of this old SLS, but this guy was just drawn to look evil--though I recall that being their motive way back in 2010, too, are these people existing? That old comic was about denying 9/11 first-responders. Anyway, I wanted this character to be an old white guy, because that is precisely who is behind this. Look at the self-congratulatory photos. You'll see an old white lady on occasion, but it's these people who refuse to show kindness and openness to their fellow humans and who are simply dead-set on making the many suffer for the benefit of the few, encapsulated in this "health" care bill that serves to release funds from health so that they can cut taxes for super-rich people who in no way need the help. That is why the character also had to be fat. It's greed driving this.

Greed is the basis of everything here (and so much more in the world in general, come to think of it). Greed makes you unable to tolerate giving up anything and you just want more and more. A life-changing quote came from early Bill Burr podcast episodes, where he unwittingly outlined a succinct life philosophy in his question, "how big do you need your yacht to be?" That sums it up quite neatly: if you are doing well, great, that doesn't mean you need to dominate. Just accept that you are rich or otherwise well off, and stop questing for even more obscene reaches beyond. Be happy with being set for life. It's like in Magic--there are so many "win more" cards and effects that are pointless once you're already in a winning position. It's not only pointless to win with overkill, but then when you develop a need to do so, then you're just jumping off into dangerous, evil territory that inevitably will clash with the greater good. In Magic, you start cheating or dirtbagging to assure domination, in life, you mistreat people to assure you get every ounce of everything you feel is or should be yours.

For the art direction on this piece, I thought of Tyler The Creator photography, and that haunting Childish Gambino album cover, which I first encountered on the plane back. I wanted the piece to be basically monochromatic, but with a reddish tint for the Republican party's official color, as well as to reflect the diabolical nature of these evil, cruel monsters--the hair even spikes up into horns, along with creepily pointy ears. Freaky, freaky stuff.

So, I guess it comes down to: how freaking evil do you have to be to vote yes? Every single Republican representative from my home state voted yes, which was further disgusting. Some would even hang up on you if you called their office, like the infamous Darrel Issa. Ring ring click. These disgusting un-human villains must be voted out in 2018. People will die because of their pettiness, ignorance, and greed. We must never forget the betrayal against our own people that they condoned and applauded. All for what? So that already rich people get to be even richer. You disgusting, shameless monsters. Great calamity upon you, least of which should be eviction from your seats in 2018.

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Monday, April 17, 2017


Sometimes for stress relief I'll draw on stuff I know I'm gonna throw away, like this old cookie box.

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Friday, April 14, 2017


I burned through my last sketchbook and needed a new one. Luckily, I stumbled across this old musical score pad.

I've made an effort to kill off every sketchbook-ish pad and pen I have available, so this was great timing.

I also wanted to try more interesting models, rather than the same old source, and I find it's way more motivational studying drawings than photos.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Just saw this sitting around right where I left it years ago. It's one of the earliest art pieces I can find...I painted this little Hopi guy when I was 8 or so.

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Monday, April 10, 2017


My "new" winter banner, by the way, based on Snoward. Should probably update it at some point...

This is notable because for the first time in 10 years, I've re-drawn the text. Still kept Z, though. I replaced the chalk brush for Steve Ahn's Ultimate Brush. Scandalous.

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Friday, April 7, 2017


Gesture round up time, starting with something I enjoy quite a bit: drawing over old, ugly drawings with disposable gesture studies.

I also like drawing over every plausibly viable surface, such as the front and back, inside and outside covers of my sketchbooks.

This is just a spread I thought looked neat, 30-second version on the left, 1-minute on the right.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017


Today is the 10th anniversary of Removal, which means I've been posting art online for ten years! To mark the occasion, I thought I'd recreate, with minimal tweaks, the very first art I ever posted online, though I did swap in a bluer tone since it felt more fitting for Yale.

My first post was a drawing of my very first series's characters, Ben and Marty, while they were watching the season premiere of 24. I still have the original drawing and (97kb?!) digital file stored somewhere...regardless, my goal was simply to recreate the piece with my present, all-digital process, but not to trick it out with colors and stuff. Looking at the (3MB) update, I feel I haven't progressed enough in 10 years, though I do recognize I've gotten better in some areas.

Marty was inspired by my suitemate, Ryan, who loved Back to the Future, and these two were to star in my very first series, called Four Best Years, which was based on the wacky hijinks of my suite.

The series never got past the planning stages, though, because I soon lost my suitemates to room draw and then spiraled into an abysmal, seemingly unending vortex of self-hatred'n'stuff, but hey, all's well that etc.

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Monday, April 3, 2017


A little Nyao sketch because we're short on time (5/9/17).

I'm trying to post daily on Instagram and Twitter again, but I've only been starting on those posts after dinner, so only about 3 hours per post at most.

However, I do spend some more time polishing them for Removal and Removal Too, my archive sites.

The majority of the day is spent on training and my main project.

But for this post, I couldn't think of what to draw; having learned that Comey just got fired, it's hard to think straight.

After frantic doodling, with an hour to spare, I finally came up with a Nyao sketch, and inked it with KNKL's neat, gruff "Reptar" brush.

I also tried getting a little more experimental with my layers, too, using pushed saturation, darkness, etc. layers but aggressively masking away to yield additional tones, meanwhile still relying heavily on the Reptar brush.

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Friday, March 31, 2017


This was probably my first proper drawing in the new/old place, somewhat inspired by "Little Wanderer" by Death Cab for Cutie.

I started drawing this on the airplane, and first heard that song when I landed, still noodling away at this, and it all just overwhelmed me--tears and everything--what a great band.

Anyway, this was mainly from imagination, but there are traces of, I wanna say Los Angeles international Airport? there.

I love music and how it just seeps into everything. One song that really popped was "California" by Childish Gambino. Both of these songs were brand new to me...been a bit out of the loop on the US scene.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Man, it's been overcast the past day or so, and then it actually started raining today (5/6/17)! It's been raining all day, in fact, complete with a chilly winter/fall vibe. Thus, I felt the urge to draw something rainy.

I've been trying get the idea of scale into my art, and so I was just sorta swirling the stylus around and this ocean weasel guy sorta emerged from the shapes.

I find I fall back on drawing oceans a bit too frequently, and I surmise that it must be because it feels pretty forgiving, and you get to be especially loose, but also tight on colors and details at will.

Anyway, I also strove to be more care-free with my adjustment layers and masks, so I'd say it was a nice, little experiment and wonderful conclusion to a wonderful, rainy day--first happy day in a while, though not without some teary moments owing to some political talk...

Not normal,


Monday, March 27, 2017


Falling back to the old comfort zone with a quick Vicky V. sketch.

I just wanted to draw something in pencil again, after going back into pen and digital only for the past month while I've been offline.

I saw this technique online where it's mainly about overpainting, and thought I could try painting over pencils, to see how that goes.

This was actually our first attempt at that process, followed by an even looser attempt in that King Falls AM piece, which of course we posted first for maximum confusion.

This was just a series of escalations, which again, is why it's dangerous to try to do daily posts: I just wanted to draw something quick in pencil, but then I decided to render it a bit, then I decided to add some flat colors behind the pencils, then I thought I could try the quick overpainting technique, and then I thought I could add some graphical elements, and here we are.

Overall, I'm ok with this, and I feel like I am more comfortable using pencils as a strict base-concept, meaning I'm much more comfortable just outright discarding the lines during cleaning (I used the color dodge line-cleaning technique) and painting.

Eager to get to Vicky, but she's got to hang on for just a bit longer, even as of 5/4/17.

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Friday, March 24, 2017


I'm trying to force myself to paint quicker and be less precious overall, and at the same time, I have been itching to do some King Falls AM fan art, so everything converged into this concept of Emily Potter upon returning from the Rainbow Lights. It's not necessarily an illustration of any particular scene, but just a mood piece.

This "brutal" coloring technique is basically just about quickly flatting over lines and then going to overpaints as soon as possible. I recently saw these lines scrolling through my files, which kinda reminded me of Emily Potter, so everything seemed set to try this more reckless coloring technique at long last.

King Falls of course is a podcast of broadcast clips from a small-town radio station. It holds a special place in my heart because I came across it just when I moved to small town, myself, so the main(?) character Sammy Stevens' situation resonated with me quite a bit, as he too just moved to his own little, colorful town.

Man, I wanna say there were only like 15 episodes at most when I first got into the show--yeah, I remember Storm Sanders being introduced in one of my first "live" episodes, so I guess there were only 14 episodes? I vaguely remember Kingsie being discussed early on, so maybe they were up to 21? Anyway, they're now up to 49! It was so cool seeing how everything started clicking together, when at first it felt like a Ben 10 or Secret Saturdays sorta "creature of the week" vibe, which was already cool enough for me.

I started listening to the show off of an Imgur post compiling podcast recommendations, and this one landed when many others on the list didn't because the production was simply outstanding, the music was incredible, and the story hit just right given my recent move to Nowhere-shi, Japan. Plus the characters, especially Emily Potter and the hosts, were quite charming together and evocative of a larger, inhabitable world.

The trick with the show was/is that you kinda have to let episodes accumulate so you can marathon them, otherwise, it's way, way, way too easy to miss references on the normal twice-a-month posting schedule. My initial ~15 episode marathon was crucial to hooking me, because I was able to get invested in how things starting linking up beyond just the neato-ness of each episode. But realistically, I'm not sure I would have been able to engage with the show as deeply if I was waiting for each episode. In the early days, it was usually a matter of "can't wait till the next Emily episode," which then gave way to "can't wait to see how this all clicks together." So after my most recent marathon, I'm now fully caught up again (as of 5/4/17, Ep. 49), but the thing is, they just hit a really interesting twist, so now for the first time, I kinda want to be current, if only so I don't accidentally hit any spoilers...

Related, I was working on a more serious fanart piece, and wouldn't you know it, the most recent episode kinda spoiled the theme--I was kinda hoping it'd fade from the forefront of popular memory. Anyway, as for today's piece, it's prolly my very favorite character, Emily P. I was always pumped when she was on the show in the early episodes, and again she was instrumental in making me a fan of the show itself. So this was kinda inspired by her recent return to the show, hence the starry night and rainbow lights. Pretty excited to see where they go next.

Not normal,