Monday, October 12, 2009


Dive head first into a mosh pit, it's Sick Little Suicide #13 - "Yikes," in which I answer a call for a Bladderball themed suicide.

It's like going to a rock concert except more nerdy and more wholesome.

Easter Eggs: The guys are basically the same dude! I was drawing frantically when I realized this, so I began drawing more frantically to throw in enough tweaks to disguise them.

Fun Facts: I'm inking like mad an hour before my ZLM deadline, and I get a call asking if was up for a bladderball themed suicide! So...yes, this one was bit rushed, and I fear I may have committed the highest crime in my book: working for "free" (drawing something to completion only to never see it published) so in case it gets abandoned, the twelfth suicide is forever here. Anyway, I was drawing the dudes before I even had a script locked, and on the actual paper, you can see a bunch of potential lines scrawled everywhere.

Baa: It was so fun blitzing out this emergency assignment, I still can't even tell if the end product makes sense. I heard in my comedy class that alliteration is funny, and after trying it out, I was cracking up over the last speech bubble. Again, not sure how much sense that makes.

Ok...gotta finish a Record thing; Final art coming soon,


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