Friday, July 22, 2016


I knew I wanted to color this pizza box piece, and was on the fence about Copics vs. digital. I was on the heels of a Twitter deadline, had just seen a KNKL guide on photo filter effects, and was feeling more pressure than usual to go digital, so I decided to go in with some Photoshop, hoping to see how fast and simply we could color rather than paint. After posting to Twitter, with like a minute to go before deadline, I decided to bring it a little further, as like a hypothetical teaser poster for Splinter.

Here's the textless version. As far as bitter, bitter, inside jokes go, I should note I hate any permutation of the word "friend," and use such a word only with extreme care, if ever. I have allies and associates, mostly people/someone "I know" but I simply cannot use the f-word loosely. It's too dear.

Back on topic, here it's a little easier to see the duality that we played up to honor that theme of the comic. You'll note half of her is darker and the other half even has a phantom-y effect over it, lifted (albeit more subtly) from this old Didi PhotoJam.

This's what it looks like when we take away all the trendy filters, and yes, I'm actively practicing those effects...I don't normally embrace fads of any fashion, but I legitimately like the slightly gritty effects you can get.

Anyway, this was the Twitter version we squeaked in just under deadline. I looked aight to publish, but after the cookie of posting, I obviously felt the mouse to give it a little more.


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