Friday, March 10, 2017


Short on time lately, particularly since I wanted to go play Magic for the first time in seemingly forever for a change, so thought I'd digitally ink, then color an old Didi piece.

But for this one, I wanted to color as fast as I could, so I tried flatting then stickering the colors, intensely saturating that sticker, and then masking out non-highlighted areas.

In this way, my chosen colors, which were preemptively darker than local, would contrast with the "highlights," which would serve as lighting for the piece.

This is what just the highlighted areas looked like, so this layer atop the flats is what gave the colors definition.

I tried using a smoother brush for the inks, rather than my usual, chunkier Steve Ahn's Ultimate Brush, and I have to say the crispness this smooth brush gives is quite pleasant in its own way.

The background was a photo from a roadtrip, I believe, back in the old country. The old country...

Not normal,


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