Friday, February 15, 2008


Last find: Kelly, hot on the Ruemore's heels, inches ever closer to the mysterious relic, and a showdown seems inevitable.
Now find 4!

This was really fun to do because it sounded so ridiculous in my head. I loved referencing my favorite cartoons and setting up a joke that will pay off much, much later.

Easter Eggs: D. Kat NY's decor stems from Dan's Squaremen. An actual Squareman's on a frame 3 shirt along with the "4th find." The modeling sequence represents three chronologically-ordered, important cartoons: Pokemon, Avatar, and Ben10, with Kelly modeling the signature female leads' costumes (Misty, Katara, Gwen). The shopkeeper is the YDN "comic" guy.

Fun Facts: This comic references many of my drives: the three influential shows, but also what I wish to combat, in the shopkeeper. The UHTSS! sound effect comes from Cheeks.


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