Monday, February 18, 2008


Welcome to preview week for my contributions the Machine Issue, brought to you by Yale's very own Yale Record of Yale.

It was slim, uninspiring pickings this time, so I grabbed the only one that seemed at all interesting: "Leading Causes of Robot Death." Or Robocide, as I like to call it.

First up is Robo-curiosity and Robo-battery-failure. One guy is a Dee Dee in a Dexter world and the other is just not good with timely battery changes.

Up next is death by Robo-MIT-enrollment. Poor guy.

Easter Eggs: My two physics teachers, Mrs. Lang and Dr. Irons, are hidden in the textbook and homework, respectively. Dr. Irons is a little more sneakily hidden as 2xFe, or two times iron, making it into the plural--Irons. I also sneaked my name in there.
Alright, the thrilling conclusion on Wednesday. And of course we save the best for last. And as always, I can't promise you'll enjoy the entire issue, but hopefully the art tickles you (appropriately).


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