Monday, March 7, 2011


note to self #33: cat fat

Slight change of scheduling--Zero Like Me will be posted on Wednesday, so today is note to self, by that walking turd bomb jack kelly, starting with a comic that's jack kelly's attempt at being sensitive.

note to self #34: cake

I can tell that jack kelly is going the distance. Yeah, jack kelly, that was sarcasm, you post-it-noting idiot.

note to self #35: instruments

Congratulations, jack kelly, you just achieved a brand new level of ignorance. Have you never heard of these guys? Have you never heard this? Ugh. Why do I even try to get through to you?

note to self #36: fecal temporality

Words escape me, jack kelly. Words escape me. They escape me in a luscious flow of chunky browns and reds.


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