Wednesday, March 16, 2011


note to self #37: maneuver

Despite my best efforts, today is the day of note to self, by the ever fecally-endowed jack kelly, starting with a comic that shows how selfish jack kelly is. We went to Yale, you jerk, we must do everything shy of suicide to help everybody around us and smile every bit of the way. And for fart's sake, learn to draw, you hack.

note to self #38: lush

You know jack kelly is full of it, right? He's the meanest boozebag I've ever seen. And I've seen drunk DKE brothers.

note to self #39: thug life

I got a tattoo that says "<-- I'm with stupid", so that when I am with jack kelly, people will know that he is stupid.

note to self #40: roman polanski

Come on, are you serious? You really can't separate the individual from the art? Do you seriously not make the distinction betwee--blaaarhghghhghgh--sorry I think I vomited a little in my mouth. Now what was I talking about, again?


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