Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Here are doodads for our secondary April ALT poster, the main being here. I had decided to try to do a main doodad each poster, time permitting, as a sub-anchor to extend the interest of the piece across the full extent of the page, so here are the pencils for this poster's sub-anchor.

These are the inks on it. The design was inspired by Monster Hunter Epic, a manga I picked up a while ago and whose style is incredible. I love the Wayne Reynolds-esque, bulky armor style Monster Hunter seems to have, where the armor on characters seems to be a tad bit unrealistically cumbersome, such that you wonder how they can actually fight effectively in their gear. It's not terribly practical the more you think about it, but it looks so cool. So this was me trying to emulate that, plus Monster Hunter's tendency to have fur puff out of armor at every possible chance.

Here a section on goofs. It's a lighter version than the main poster since we simply have less space to work with on the secondary posters.

This is a little, literal Easter Egg I left on the back of the poster. If you find it, you get a fabulous prize. Nobody found it.


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