Friday, April 12, 2013


Here is the final main April ALT poster, including a spotlight on traditional US gags, Groucho, US comedy styles, a simple joke, a Truth or Dare demo, and an Easter corner.  For a breakdown of the incidental doodads of the poster, go here.

This is a walkthrough of coloring our anchor image. 

The walkthrough of the facial area is here.

I am not sure how the gag flower would work in this case, but just go with it.

The pose, if you caught it, is modeled after Groucho's famous cigar-twiddling one, like the pelican and the pickles, but with the Shyamalaian twist that it's not a cigar but a bill on a string that's being twiddled.

Also, the Joker thing was a reference to the use of that word in Japanese society for seemingly arbitrary reasons.

You'll find the word "Joker" on things that have nothing to do with comedy or light-hearted things, like there's a men's fashion magazine called "Joker," when it should be rather be called, "Expensive Things Nobody is Ever Going to Buy-er."

Of this one cooking manga called "Hungry Joker."

Nothing to do with the concept of the joker as we know it.

I think it just means a "cool guy."

Anyway, here it doubles as actually applying to comedy, too, so hopefully Japanese people learn something about the proper usage of the word.

Or not.

I get paid either way, all the same.

And here is the "staff" photo for this anchor.  Fun stuff.


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