Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Here's more from the main April ALT poster
This is a process of the anchor image's face.
It was fun drawing a girl with a mustache.  
I drew groucho glasses before, once, and I remember it was fun then, too. 

Anyway, now we have copic technology.

Here's a breakdown of coloring in the head.

I tried stacking these images vertically so that they can appear larger here by default.

But it leaves a lot of space to fill here.

So I'll say that I just got some new yellows for this one, and I was pumped to use them.

The other thing was, like I mentioned, I was excited to use the Groucho glasses symbology.

And one of the coolest thing is when a girl is unafraid to be goofy.

So that's why we drew her being goofy.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, the styling was inspired by Harley Quinn, which is why the shoulders--well, we'll get to that next time.

I did spend a lot of time pondering coloring half her hair black, half red.  
But I couldn't convince myself beyond reasonable doubt that such a color choice was wise. 
So I backed out of it and went on a purely Harley Quinn route.

This was also fun--drawing money. Luckily I still have a US one, five, and ten in my wallet, which I was able to use as a model.
I didn't go as detailed as I would have liked for time limits, but it was still fun.  I kinda wish I hadn't used such a bright green, though--even though a real ten is more pink than anything.
And the whoopee cushion! That was really fun coloring, perhaps because red is such a bold, dangerous color; it's really hard to mask red errors. 

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