Monday, April 8, 2013


Here are some doodads from our main April ALT News poster.

The theme was comedy, so I was excited to share some light information on comedy. When people say "comedian," I feel like they mostly mean a "humor-based TV personality," rather than somebody who stands in front of a crowd and tries to make them laugh via monologue. 

As it was April Fools, I also showed them how to do traditional US pranks.  I did a mime demo for elemkids and they really enjoyed it.
I also added an interactive part of the poster, where you can spin the Pocari Sweat to learn how to play Truth or Dare.

Here are some headings that I thought came out pretty neat.

Plus there's a simple little joke, illustrated to boot, for easy Japanese consumption. I was pumped to learn from a jKid that he actually got and laughed at the joke!


Something neat I learned was that Japanese people think "Punchline" is Japanese-English, rather than English-English. That was kinda funny, itself.

I wonder if anyone understood the Groucho part, though.



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