Sunday, November 18, 2007


It's Thanksgiving break week and I have just returned to California.

So today's post is a couple of my better sketches from the wait before the Purple Crayon of Yale's Yale-Harvard improv show.

I am happy to unbiasedly report that the Purple Crayon destroyed Harvard with funny. So take that, people who think Harvard's got comedy on lock.

A gang of our finest Purple Crayons invited members from Harvard's Immediate Gratification Players to open for them this past Friday. The Crayons were regularly laugh out loud funny, while the IGP were just chuckle worthy, mostly.

My favorite line from the night:
"I always do." --The surfer-dude Crayon

The only other Purple Crayon performance I've been to was their recruitment show earlier this year and it was pretty funny.

Best line from the recruitment show:
"I'm a woman &#* @&%# it!" --Benji

I can't wait to see their next show, and I'd even pay for a ticket.


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