Friday, November 16, 2007


It's almost time for THE GAME!

This Game has more drama than they ever had 100 years ago because we're both undefeated, and this'll be for the Ivy League title. This is going to be big--and I usually can't even stand football.

(I'm rooting for Yale.)

So yes, this week's comic is me literally waving the flag as a superpatriot of the Eli Army. It's a spoof of the famous Captain America debut cover.

Easter Eggs: The screen displays a picture of the Yale Bowl. That same device references the "Huge Ego" prank MIT pulled last year. The original swastikas are now Hs. The Comics Code Authority seal has been spoofed into something just as nonsensical and meaningless.

The temporal information under the title now represents this 124th edition of the Game. Captain Yale replaced Captain America's mask wings with mask bulldog-ears. Bucky has been transformed into "Danny," a play on our mascot, Handsome Dan. Squeazed away under John Harvard is a neat little fight song's title lyric.

Fun Facts: I reluctantly cut Captain America (and Superman) from my Wonder Woman history paper after realizing that he wasn't as interesting to talk about for the paper's purposes. Also, this is my first strict parody.

Note to Self: Well, I can't wait to be clueless about what's going on in what will be my second live football viewing. I'll be there with the enigmatic jack kelly, of course, who offers us the aptly titled "the game" this week. I think it's a commentary on each school's spirit.

So in conclusion, Go Yale!

And goodnight, poor Harvard!


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