Monday, November 19, 2007


Since I'm now in the Pacific time zone, it's still Monday, and while I thought I woke up at just past one, I in fact woke up at just past 4pm...

So anyway, please enjoy some selections from my sketchbook.

Today's sketches come from another Friday night in the Swing basement. As I was watching TV just so I wouldn't have to go back to my suite, I discovered this great 80s drama about a white basketball coach rallying his all black, ghetto-located bball squad. Every single episode that I've seen has been great. Aside from the rampant fros and incredibly short basketball shorts, the series is timeless. And that ain't no jive, turkey.

So that's where the basketball player at the bottom comes from. Easter egg: 22 is my old basketballing suitemate's number.

Ok, here's a robotic-human hybrid sort of thing. I wanted to draw that tilted belt I came to learn was cool ever since I saw the 90s X-Men cartoon's Rogue rock the accessory every weekday morning before school.

"What Not to Wear" made me want to draw a dress, but it then turned into a ghostly dress. The show's cool because it provides an interesting fashion pool for me to leech off of. Plus Clinton and Stacy can really goof on people in a nice sort of way.

Here's something of a self-portrait. At least it's a more interesting reinterpretation/simplification of me. I forgot to color in the hair (black), though. Meh.

Another idealization of me snuck into yesterday's post, as seen in the guy wearing my favorite wintertime beanie-scarf combo.

Finally, here's a sketch inspired by the really cool cats over at Lackadaisy.

That wasn't an attempt at horriblly dated slang; they actually are cats.

The doodle doesn't make sense, but since when have I made sense...

Ok I'm off to ink the cover of the upcoming Travel Issue for the Yale Record.

Day four of the daily-post challenge begins...tomorrow!


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