Monday, November 12, 2007


One more week to go before break, and I don't know if I should be eagerly looking forward or lamentably looking back, both, or neither.

So here are some sketches from Spanish class. I would write this entire post in Spanish, but then I'd have to use accents and that's incredibly annoying when typing.

We begin with a goofy one. I got positive feedback when the girl sitting to my right commented that this guy looked funny.

I wish I could do a spy-thriller story and so in that vein, here's the tough-gal protagonist of a story I'll never make. I had just received another letter from that same person they say is in Skull and Bones so I thought that I might as well call this character Agent .322.

This is a sketch of a fellow Spanisher's arm. She dresses impeccably--so I tried to capture her style.

During a presentation, I sketched another fellow Spanisher.

I'm horrible at figuring out hairstyles, but I knew enough to tell she has a great hairstyle, and emo-y eyes, to boot.

The Profesora noticed the sketches while walking around and told me she liked them. Another classmate also gave me some kind words. So...neat!

I discovered I drew these on a chapter vocab list for this novel we're reading, and it happens to define some...bad...words from a fight scene between two schoolboys, so I split up the sketches.

Finally, this was fun to draw because it was a profile of my Spanish partner one day, so I tried to ninja-draw without her noticing.

The guy who sits next to me is from New York and says he draws people on the subway all the time. I asked him if people ever get weirded out when they notice he's drawing them, and he said it's never really an issue because everyone's weird in New York. Well, my partner didn't notice, and I think this one came out the best, too.

This is my last semester of Spanish, but I'll be guerilla-sketching future fellow-Japanesers soon enough.


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