Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Hello. Today is another "MO," or "making of," this time featuring ApplePicking from a few weeks ago.

This is the "thought line" that anchored the idea, which I came up with after going on a JE apple-picking excursion and pondering what I got out of the experience.

The dialogue reflecting on the experience as a potential blog post was a reference to a similar journey of discovery. A note on the format: a circled H means "the following note is a Herald idea."


The next page shows the last of the thought line, followed by an entry a little later: the pre-rough draft.

I shifted to a new title, "I love autumn," because I was aiming for pure romance. But almost everything went through a tweak before we went to press.

In fact, a little later, after I had drawn the penciled pre-rough, I penned in an alternate, choose-your-own-adventure sort of ending. The vague little symbols gave me shorthand on my new direction: the top frame's heart notes the good ending; the frown, the bad.

After deciding to ditch my ode to autumn romance, I headed off to do my real rough draft.

This rough's pretty scarce, since I had such a clear picture in my head.

A significant change before the final is the trail of mini-frames leading from Hero to the fork in his road.

And here's our final draft!

We've gone for a cooler pose in the final two alterna-frames, added that lead-up series of frames, and thrown in foliage.

The apples were delicious, by the way.

Ok, see YOU! Friday.


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