Friday, October 19, 2007


Fridays mean Herald updates. So here we go (hopefully this comic reads better than last week's).

The idea came from when I went on this apple picking trip sponsored by my residential college, Jonathan Edwards. I felt embarrassed and out of place because I was the only guy there; it was a girl event. There was this other guy, but he's on the organizing committee, so I don't think he counts.

As I traveled through the beautiful orchard, I couldn't help but think how romantic the place was. Happy couples were holding hands and enjoying each other's company. But the longer I walked alone, straying from the peppy JEers, the place became too tranquil to evoke anything but fear. I envisioned axe murderers popping out from behind one of the thick bunches of tree leaves and slicing me up. So I made the comic on romance and fear.

Easter Eggs: the skull and bones reference Yale's famous secret society, which I added after I received a letter from someone.

Fun Facts: Hero's got my favorite jacket. The girl's wearing a Nami shirt. The girl's hair is based on a pirate-haired JE girl. The path shot's from a picture I took on the trip.

And thus concludes the posting-est week ever. But Monday starts another three-post week, with updates every other weekday.


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