Friday, October 26, 2007


You're right. It is Friday. Time for a Herald comic.

As Herald Comics Editor, I pushed the comics staff to go for a common "Horror" theme, but that didn't pan out and now I look a quite odd amid non-horror-related comics.

But now you know: this comic isn't meant to be humorous, but frightening. I thought I could hit harder with something more profoundly frightening, plausible, modern, universal. This was actually the second idea I had to evoke horror, but that more personal horror idea will come next week.

Easter Eggs: "Baby" is one of my least favorite words. My sister's horrible car has a stripe too. The hotel's named from a My Chemical Romance song. The my suite number is 319 because both places are horrific.

Fun Facts: This comic is absolutely not supposed to be funny. It also premieres "Heroine," which is a main female protagonist, as opposed to the usual "Hero" character.

Well, I hope that was spooky. Sadly, no one else at Herald comics went for actual "scary" content. Oh well.

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