Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So we've seen my Herald "Horror Special," which was my take on Halloween for my weekly comic "Lighter Light," but now here is my take on Halloween time for "Removal." I thought it would be appropriate to draw the spookiest kid in JE and emo him up, so I drew this today, just for today's post.

Easter Eggs: None, really. Maybe that I was thinking of that one picture of emo-ized Harry Potter and company while drawing this? I suppose that this is based on a facebook photo counts, right? I dunno.

Fun Facts: It's the same guy from the my "RockNRoll" comic, only now he's more developed. I noticed his eyes had a very odd pose so I tried to replicate that. I also tried to play up his humorously large schnauze along with his long, thin face--according to his self-proclaimed "manorexia."

And now what follows is what I was originally going to post on Monday, before being so rudely thrown off my gameplan by unfounded assaults on my work.

During sophomore advising night, a few people spoke to us about what to do as we chug along in our Yale careers. One of the speakers was our very own JE Master Haller. He has a really cool look: his hair is youthfully super-hip, but he's got a wizened face that contrasts with the hair. So as he spoke, I drew him.

Easter Eggs: Pictured is the shirt he wore at Culture Draw, not what he wore while giving his speech.

Fun Facts: This is my second time trying to draw him (which isn't to say I succeeded this time, either). The first time was while he was MCing the Culture Draw. If I find that doodle, I'll post it, because there's a nice story there.

After all the "adults" gave their speeches, some seniors gave some presentations. This was the girl who presented, but I don't remember her name--in fact I don't think I've ever seen her before or since.

Easter Eggs: She's looking out of the corner of her eye because I think she spotted me drawing her (I was in the front row), so I drew her looking at the viewer.

Fun Facts: I can't remember anything she talked about--but I drew this and Master Haller on the back of some handout they gave us at the talk.

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