Monday, November 26, 2007


A bunch of Yalies rocked out to varying degrees on screechy guitars and mics Sunday night (Mad Mad Prophets won). I was the second of two audience members for a good while, and there weren't many bands present, either, but fortunately people showed up, and in my awkward corner-hiding, I sketched some audience members. A good number of JE people came, too.

Up first is a girl who looked like a girl from Spanish, but in fact wasn't:

Here's while the last band was performing.

For some reason the girl in the white vest was alone for much of the concert, which completely didn't make any sense slash bummed me out. I thought I ought to talk to her, but I was drawing what I'll post Wednesday, plus I was kind of scared to, anyway. Oddly, I've never seen her before a few school days ago, but recently she's been popping up like a ninja.

The 2010 shirt guy just got done playing in the previous band, and he did quite well, which was great because I didn't have to pretend like I enjoyed the set!

Part 2's coming Wednesday, and fortunately it's all fiction,


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