Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I was writing a paper on a few big superheroes before I realized Wonder Woman alone had tons of relevant content. So on a break, I tried drawing her.

I soon filled up a sheet with doodles.

So you'll see odd black dots here and there because some notes' ink had seeped through to this page before I began drawing.

Here's my favorite female member of Team Rocket. I really miss the old voices. Rachael Lillis is Jessie, (and Misty, Jigglypuff, etc.). I mostly miss Eric Stuart as James...

As the long night dragged on, I drew her to cheer me on and fight sleep. It didn't work.

Here's my very first drawing of Wonder Woman, based on a power pose I saw in one of my books.

I ended up altering the picture a bunch so that it kind of isn't really Wonder Woman anymore. I drew the above picture of Wonder Woman afterward to try to make amends.

And the day after (or before?), as I was waiting for physics to start, I was too tired to read, so I just drew this little emo girl.

Ok. Since the Herald's coming out tomorrow, I actually have my comic ready to go already, but I'll post it Friday out of tradition. See you then.

Also, start getting exited for THE GAME!


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